Down on the Farm: Grain Bin Rescue Basics Using the TerrAdaptor™ Tripod

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Presenter: Tom Wood | Webinar | 
Join VRS™ by PMI Program Manager Tom Wood for this one hour webinar addressing the challenges of accessing and rescuing someone trapped in a grain storage bin.

Rural rescuers are witnessing an alarming trend on commercial farms; a dramatic increase in the number of grain bin entrapments. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that nearly half of all grain bin entrapments result in fatalities. In 2010, nearly thirty people lost their lives in grain bins.

As a result, OSHA issued a formal warning to grain handling and storage facility owners on February 1, 2011, stating “If any employee dies in a grain storage facility, in addition to any civil penalties proposed, OSHA will consider referring the incident to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution pursuant to the criminal provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.”

Some of the latest techniques and PMI equipment (such as the TerrAdaptor™ used as a portable high directional anchor) for Grain Bin Rescue will be discussed, as well as the many objective dangers facing rescuers attempting to access and rescue a trapped worker.