Rescue from Fall Protection: Fall-Tek™ Train the Trainer

This course is designed to educate existing professional rope rescue trainers, PMI® Pro Trainers and Health and Safety Trainers on the latest techniques for rescue after a fall using the PMI® Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution (ANSI Z359.4-2007). Trainer candidates should have already completed the VRS™ Rescue After a Fall Fall-Tek™ course. This course will provide:

  • Additional insights
  • Course manuals
  • Tests
  • Skills checklists
  • Pre-packaged PowerPoint presentations
  • Equipment tips for trainers who want to teach their own Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution Course

There will be a great deal of hands-on time in this course.

The field sessions will cover the best use of the Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution for a variety of scenarios, emphasizing effective approaches to sharing this information with future students. Self rescue, companion rescue by controlled descent, companion rescue by lowering, and companion rescue by raise using the Fall-Tek™ are covered. Familiarization with the dangers of suspension intolerance is addressed as well. Upon completion, participants in this course will receive a certificate, reproducible course material and photo ID. They will also be listed on the VRS™ website as VRS™ Certified Trainers for the Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution.


Prerequisites: Before taking the Trainer Course, potential instructors must have successfully completed the VRS™ Rescue From Fall Protection: Fall-Tek™ Course
Location: 4459 Jason St Denver, CO 80211
Cost: $700.00 per student

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This is a one day course


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are subject to the following:
Number of days before the course start date: Amount of refund will be:
Twenty-One (21) or More 90% (100% – 10% administrative fee)
Fifteen (15) to Twenty (20) 50%
Seven (7) to Fourteen (14) 25%
Less Than Seven (7) or “No Show” No Refund