This section provides technical information about the features of our ropes. Read each section to see the features that apply to some or all of our dynamic ropes and to determine which features work best for your application.

Unicore® Technology

PMI Unicore® technology is a revolutionary process applied during manufacturing of kernmantle ropes that bond the sheath and core together resulting in nearly zero slippage between them, even if the sheath is damaged. Some standard ropes have shown that a damaged sheath can become completely separated from the core and slide off of the rope completely. Unicore® rope allows for safe negotiation around a damaged section of the sheath while in use. This allows a climber to stay on the rope and isolate a damaged area of the sheath while the rope maintains its integrity until the climber can get to the ground, the top of the cliff, a ledge or anchorage and off of the rope. Not all dynamic ropes use Unicore® technology, so check the label first.

The Unicore® process brings an undeniable gain in security during delicate and dangerous operations; its advantages are many:

PMI Dynamic™ Rope with Unicore® Technology:

PMI Dynamic™ 8.9 Erratic with Unicore® Technology
PMI Dynamic 8.9 Erratic with Unicore Technology

It allows escape if the sheath has been cut. It allows temporary cutting of rope lengths with a knife, without melting the ends, without fraying of the sheath.

It prevents sheath slippage. It reduces shrinkage in water by more than 50 %.