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Order products over the phone
To order products over the phone, contact PMI Customer service:

Inside the US:
ph: 800-282-ROPE (7673)
fx: 800-952-3747

Outside the US:
ph: 1-706-764-1437
fx: 1-706-764-1531

It may be helpful if you have a catalog in front of you to reference product number and other information. If you don’t have a catalog, you can view it online in our interactive viewer or you can download a PDF version. You can also ask your Customer Service Representative to include one in your order for no extra charge.

Shop PMI products online
To order products online, visit our shopping site.

Please note, that this is for retail purchases only. PMI Dealers should place orders with PMI Customer Service (see “order products over the phone” above).

Warranty Info & Return Policy
All products we sell are covered by limited warranties from the manufacturers. View our Warranty Info & Return Policy