June 2020 - PMI Rope

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Rescue Belays in Industry

“A belay is a standard operating procedure” The topic of belay in co-worker assisted rescue is one that tends to get people worked up, perhaps because so many of us have roots in professional rescue such ...
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Clean for Safety

PMI often receives questions on how to clean rope and gear, even before the pandemic. In this video, Loui McCurley CEO of Pigeon Mountain Industries, shares information, testing, and knowledge about rope cleaning and disinfection. PMI® ...
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Rope, rope, rope, and more… ROPE!

Author: Curt Buettner We got to try out my new 11mm Max Wear yesterday. It wasn’t a bad rappel or climb, but definitely not Sport Ez, Talon, or Extreme Pro. For what it’s designed for, ...
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