Competent Tower Climber Professional Trainer - Application
So you want to become a TowerTek trainer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a summary of the application and training process:

Prerequisites: Before apply for the Trainer Course, potential trainers must have successfully completed the VRS™ Competent Tower Climber/Rescuer Course

Location: online
Cost: $50 per application

This is only an application fee, not a course.


1. Purchase application course ($50)
2. Receive an email notification from us to complete and submit your application at the online platform. (This could take up to 24 hours)
3. VRS will reach out to schedule an interview.
4. If you pass the interview process, a VRS will set up and confirm an in-field evaluation and you will have to purchase the private trainer course.
5. Complete the online part of the CTC course and train 3-5 students under PMI certification specialist.