11 mm Global Pro Rope by PMI®

Made to exacting PMI standards, these new ropes satisfy the need for a softer hand and a bit more st…
Key features:
• CI, CE and EN Certified
• Low stretch with a soft hand
• Designed for use with bobbin/ squeeze type descenders
• Great choice for Rope Access and Fall Arrest applications.
HD26290 ISC D5 Pro Work-Rescue Descender 1/2" without Panic BrakeHD26290 ISC D5 Pro Work-Rescue without Panic Brake and D5 Work-Rescue Descender with Panic Brake

ISC D5PRO Work/Rescue Descender without Panic Brake

The standard D5TM Work/Rescue Descender has proven to be a popular Descender for the North American …
Key features:
• Compatible with rope diameter (12.7mm)
• Number of persons: 2
• ANSI compliant version: No
• Body Material: Aluminium
• Finish: Anodized
HD26255 Climbing Technology Quick Up Ascender - Right HandHD26256 Climbing Technology Quick Up Ascender - Left Hand

Climbing Technology Quick’Up Ascender

Left or right-hand light alloy ascender handle with ergonomic rubber grip for climbing ropes….
Key features:
• Ergonomic grip with finger support
• Patented, one-handed cam release mechanism
• Durable steel cam with effective, non-destructive teeth
• Holes in frame accommodate multiple attachments, antiinversion system
HD26250 Climbing Technology Roll N Lock

Climbing Technology Rollnlock

Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp (only 80 g!) designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and …
Key features:
• Mobile side plates for the rope or on sling placement
• Spring operated cam for use as a rope ascender
• Sliding lock for use as a pulley
• Deal for the crevasse rescue
• It allows the hauling of light loads
• Developed to work also on wet or dirty ropes
• It can be used to adjust the positioning on webbing or daisy chain
HL33030 Pacific Kiwi USAR HelmetHL33041 Pacific Kiwi USAR Helmet

Pacific Kiwi USAR Helmet

PMI is proud to offer this unique rescue helmet, compliant with the newest NFPA 1951: Standard on Pr…
Key features:
• Ventilated Kevlar® RTM™
• Full head polyurethane impact liner
• Leather ratchet headband
• Leather crown comfort cap
• Nomex® chinstrap
SM230100N TerraAdaptor™ Tripod System - assembled view and kit viewSM230100N TerrAdaptor™ Tripod System

TerrAdaptor™ Tripod System

Multiple configurations of the TerrAdaptor™ Portable Anchor System can be built from various stand…
Key features:
• TerrAdaptor™ Tripod Head
• 2 Offset Leg Clamps with 3 Load Locking Pins each
• Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins each
• Main Attachment Pin
• 3 Leg Kits complete with Modular Adaptor and Rocker Foot
• 3 Rope Hobble Sections
• Cotter Pin Kit
• Leg Coupling Pin
• 2 Lash Ring with 1 Coupling Pin each
• TerrAdaptor™ Head/ Accessory Bag
• 2 TerrAdaptor™ Leg Bag
• TerrAdaptor™ User Guide
HL33012 PMI® Advantage Helmet - RedHL33013 PMI® Advantage Helmet - Blue

PMI® Advantage Helmet

For classic styling, maximum comfort and minimum impact, PMI® Advantage offers industrial Kevlar® …
Key features:
• Fully adjustable
• Three point chinstrap
• Headlamp retainer
• Goggle mount
• Clips to attach earmuffs