SK600OR Skedco Flotation System for litter - Orange

SKED® Foam Flotation Package

This self-righting flotation system maintains the Sked® in a nearly vertical position even in rough…
Key features:
• 15 lb foot ballast bag
• Available in Orange or Military Green
• Two rigid foam floats
• Inflatable chest bladder

SKED® Basic Rescue System

A complete solution for confined space, high angle, technical rescue, and traditional land based app…
Key features:
• System includes: Sked® Stretcher, Cordura® backpack/ towing harness, horizontal lift slings, 30 ft PMI vertical lift line, Steel Locking D Carabiner, 6 ft tow strap
• 4 built in handles

PMI® Paragon Twist-Lock

The ergonomic shape of this aluminum screw gate connector fits nicely in the hand and is easy to ope…
Key features:
• Works well with munter hitch or clove hitch
• Generous loading surface
• Ergonomic shape
• Manually-locking gate
• Material Aluminum

PMI® Paragon Auto-Lock

The ergonomic shape of this auto-locking connector offers a wide gate opening and offers maximum cap…
Key features:
• Works well with munter hitch or clove hitch
• Generous loading surface
• Ergonomic shap
• Auto-locking gat
• Material Aluminum

Pensafe A333PS KwickLock

This auto-locking carabiner with lightweight offset-D aluminum is ideal for a variety of rigging app…
Key features:
• Ideal for use with munter or clove hitch
• I-Beam construction
• Material Aluminum
• Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
• Double-action gate

Harken® Rigger’s Winch 500

The Harken® Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounte…
Key features:
• Sculpted mounting plate removes excess weight and provides multiple attachment points without compromising strength
• The pigtail line lead ensures correct alignment and loading of the winch for maximum efficiency
• CE certified under EN 13157
• Harken’s aluminum 40.2 winch features 17-4 PH stainless steel load carrying gears and pins for strength and durability
• The unique drum design maximizes grip on the rope • Designed for ropes up to 1/2” diameter
• Max working load of 4.9 kN and a breaking load of 24.5 kN
HD26254 Climbing Technology Ascender Simple

Climbing Technology Simple Ascender

The Climbing Technology ASCENDER SIMPLE a multi-use, light-alloy right-hand rope ascender for climbi…
Key features:
• Cam opening lever usable with one hand
• Patented, one-handed cam release mechanism
• Durable steel cam with effective, non-destructive teeth
• Two attachment holes for various possible uses, antiinversion cam system
• New steel cam, manufactured with technology that implements the resistance to wear and tear. Equipped with a set of teeth that protects the wear of the rope, but it is equally effective in blocking and ascending the rope. It also has three slots to prevent the accumulation of mud and reduce the effort needed to slide the device up the rope under any condition (muddy rope, frozen etc.)
HD26251 Climbing Technology EASY MOVE

Climbing Technology Easy Move

This lightweight Rope-Access Backup device is designed for maximum performance in the most demanding…
Key features:
• Lightweight
• Easy to place on and off rope
• Grips well on dirty or icy ropes
• Locking mechanism for stationary working