TerrAdapto Harken®Winch SM230552

TerrAdaptor™ Winch System

The new SMC TerrAdaptor™ Capstan Winch System mounts on any grey leg tube section in any position …
Key features:
• Made from anodized aluminum
• Includes a Harken 40.2ST two speed, self-trailing capstan winch
• Stainless steel rope guide
• Designed to work with progress capture devices
• Engineered TerrAdaptor™ winch bracket

TerrAdaptor™ Capstan Winch Bracket

The new Capstan Winch Bracket is designed for use with the Harken 40.2ST Capstan Winch. This bracket…
Key features:
• Stainless rope guide ensures rope enters capstan at the correct angle
• Clip points are included for use of progress capture devices
• Anodized Aluminum

Modular Adaptor

The new Modular Adaptor provides a secure platform for various new foot options. Tools to replace/in…
Key features:
• Fully compatible with the existing TerrAdaptor™ leg tubes
• Tighter fit with the existing grey and orange TerrAdaptor™ leg tubes
• Rotates in 45 degree increments to achieve the best foot placement

Talon Foot

The new Talon Foot includes two spikes which allow the feet to be perched on edges of walls and catw…
Key features:
• Lash points are still accessible when spikes are fully engaged
• Longer spike penetrates deeply for secure placement
• Shorter spike provides additional security against foot movement

Rocker Foot

The TerrAdaptor™ Rocker Foot is the next generation of the Ball Foot – it provides more surface …
Key features:
• Lean angles are greater
• Three full-size lash points are standard
• Lash points may be easily clipped at extreme lean angles
SM230106 TerrAdaptor™ Gin Pole Kit

TerrAdaptor™ Gin Pole Kit

The Gin Pole or Monopod is the TerrAdaptor’s lightest high anchor configuration. A properly rigged…
Key features:
• 2 Lash Ring with Coupling Pins
• Leg kit complete with Ball Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket
• TerrAdaptor™ User Guide

Load Locking Head Pin for TerrAdaptor™

TerrAdaptor™ Main Attachment Pin (SM230311)

Main Attachment Pin for TerrAdaptor™

SM230530 TerrAdaptor™ Articulating FootTerrAdaptor™ Articulating Foot (SM230530)

Articulating Foot

The new Articulating Foot swivels on a stainless steel ball. For extreme wide leg angles, the foot c…
Key features:
• Rubber pad allows use on surfaces such as concrete
• Foot may be attached to a surface with screws, bolts, or spikes
• Foot may be lashed or clipped to other objects using three large holes
TerrAdaptor™ Quadpod Attachment System (SM230105)

TerrAdaptor™ Quadpod Attachment System

The TerrAdaptor™ Quadpod Attachment System…
Key features:
• Quadpod Head Attachment
• Leg kit complete with Ball Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket, Center
• Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins each, Main Attachment Pin, Rope Hobble Section

TerrAdaptor™ Sheave Assembly

The TerrAdaptor™ Steel Cable Sheave Assembly is specifically designed for use with the TerrAdaptor…
Key features:
• Zinc Plated Hardened Alloy Steel Sealed Ball Bearings
• Compact and easy to use
• Supports up to 1/2” diameter cable or rope