HD26290 ISC D5 Pro Work-Rescue Descender 1/2" without Panic BrakeHD26290 ISC D5 Pro Work-Rescue without Panic Brake and D5 Work-Rescue Descender with Panic Brake

ISC D5PRO Work/Rescue Descender without Panic Brake

The standard D5TM Work/Rescue Descender has proven to be a popular Descender for the North American …
Key features:
• Compatible with rope diameter (12.7mm)
• Number of persons: 2
• ANSI compliant version: No
• Body Material: Aluminium
• Finish: Anodized
HD26232 PMI® Drop Through Anchor Kit

PMI® Drop Through Anchor Kit

PMI® Drop Through Anchor Kit is an ANSI Z359 anchorage connector that may be used with steel grates…
Key features:
• 3/16” Steel plate with a 8 1/2’ cable attached to a swiveling D-Ring
• Drops through the opening in any 1 3/4”- 2” Substrate
• Used only as an overhead anchor in concrete floors, steel girders, steel grates, and other applications