Clean is Safe!

Even in a pandemic, certain professions must press on. If you work in an emergency services or infrastructure role that requires the use of safety equipment, you may be wondering, “how do I prevent transmission of germs via my safety equipment?” In a recent study conducted by experts from the US Centers for Disease Control…

Heavy Climbers

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Presenter: Chuck Weber | Webinar | 

We’ve all seen those UIAA test numbers attached to new climbing ropes or in catalogs. But did you know that those IMPACT FORCE and NUMBER OF FALLS HELD figures are based on using an 80-kg test mass dropped on the rope in the laboratory? In this webinar we’ll briefly go over all the basic UIAA testing details.

But, if you weigh more than that 80 kg (176#) test weight, where does that leave you? When you take that hard fall, could you be subjecting yourself and your gear to possibly unsafe loads? Serious questions indeed, but they’re not directly addressed by the UIAA testing results. To better understand this possible safety issue, PMI conducted a series of 39 special drop tests in our UIAA replicate Drop Tower and we’ll share those results with you in this webinar as well.