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Presenter: Shaun Roundy | MRA Webinar Series | 
The Webinar Training Committee took a vacation in January and we’re back on February 10th with a review of the MRA Winter Business Meeting held in Salt Lake City this weekend. If you can’t attend, this webinar will fill you in on all the action you missed.

We’ll also discuss various ways you can get involved with the MRA on the national and regional levels. PLEASE CONTACT SHAUN in advance if you have opportunities or ideas that I could include in this presentation.

Shaun will also be gathering quotes about WHY to get involved with the MRA, so send him those as well (along with a photo of yourself if possible).

The presenter, Shaun Roundy, has been a member of Utah County SAR since 1999. He has helped lead the MRA Intermountain Region since 2008 and founded the MRA Webinar Training Committee Chair in 2014.