Competent Tower Climber | Rescuer

At PMI’s Vertical Rescue Solutions, we offer unparalleled custom instruction in tower climbing and rescue. This course is aimed to arm those who work at height with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to climb safely and to perform self and/or companion rescue quickly and efficiently using the revolutionary TowerPack™ Rescue Solution (ANSI Z359.4-2007).

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This course uses a common-sense approach to rescue and stresses simplicity to minimize the time between a fall and the subsequent rescue. The TowerPack™ Rescue Solution is designed to get the job done using a minimal amount of gear, so it is easier to rig and provides less opportunity for failure when quick action is needed.
The classroom session of the Competent Tower Climber/Rescuer course will focus on the importance of establishing a rescue pre-plan, OSHA compliance, PPE use, fit, and inspection, Jobsite Hazard Analysis, and rescue theory. Suspension intolerance avoidance and treatment will also be addressed.
The field portion will teach the importance of 100% attachment, safe climbing techniques, fall arrest, self-rescue, and companion rescues by raise, by controlled descent, and by lowering using the TowerPack™ Rescue Solution. We emphasize repetition when learning the skills in order to make it feel more like a second nature than reading a manual when performing a rescue. This practice helps students understand the techniques and improves their retention.
This course follows the criteria established by the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE®) Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard, Fourth Edition (2015 edition)

Prerequisites: Must be an Authorized Climber/Rescuer per the NATE® CTS, Fourth Edition (2015)
Students must provide proof of 90 days of verifiable tower work via a letter from an employer or a log of days/jobs worked. If no such verification is available, then the student will be issued an Authorized Tower Climber card (upon passing the course) until verification of employment can be made. VRS can reissue a new card when given authorization by the student’s employer.
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Cost: $1,275.00 per student
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Max Class Size: 6 students per instructor
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