Portable High Directionals 2

This is a two day rope technician intermediate skills course that instructs participants in the use of portable anchor systems, focusing on the TerrAdaptor™. Rigging theory that supports sound and reliable manipulative mono-pod and bi-pod (angled A frame) skills congruent with the requirements of NFPA 1670 and 1006 Technician Level and the intermediate force multiplier theory of portable anchors are key components of Module II. Class can be customized for either work at height applications or for rescue.

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Upon successful completion of Module II, all participants will be able to accomplish the following additional skills:

– Demonstrate proper safety protocols when working with intermediate configurations of portable anchors
– Demonstrate proper assembly of the TerrAdaptor™ as a mono-pod (gin pole) and bi-pod (angled A frame) portable anchor congruent with the manufacturer’s instructions
– Construct and safely operate a high line in addition to a main and belay line system using a standard tripod configuration as well as mono-pod and bi-pod configurations in place
– Understand intermediate principles of force multipliers as they apply to whiteboard analysis of critical angles and resultant forces
– Complete and pass a written test.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Portable High Directionals: Module I
Location: 4459 Jason St Denver, CO 80211
Cost: $700.00 per student
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Max Class Size: 6 students per instructor
SKU: VR63016

This is a two day course

This course also available in a 3-Module Series.