1" Work-Spec Tubular Webbing - Made in USA

1″ Work-Spec Tubular Webbing

PMI®’s webbing is specially built to commercial versions of military specifications. For all rigg…
Key features:
• For all rigging uses
• Available in 1” and 2”
• 9 colors available in 1”
• 2” available in red
• Spool may contain splices

9 mm Sewn Eye

PMI uses precision stitching to create a permanent, sewn termination that is stronger than any knott…
Key features:
• Streamlined permanent termination
• No knots
• Nearly as strong as the rope
• Stronger than knots
• Two separate but equal blocks of stitching provide greater safety

11 mm PMI® Swaged Termination

High strength, no-knot terminations for PMI® Classic and Sport ropes. PMI swaged rope terminations …
Key features:
• High strength termination
• Stronger than knots
• Available for 11 mm or 12.5 mm PMI® Classic Ropes

SMC Advance Tech Hx Pulley

The new Advance Tech HX is ideal for all rescue applications where a small mechanical advantage syst…
Key features:
• Made from high quality aluminum
• Anodized to help prevent corrosion
• Supports rope diameters from 7 mm up to 12.5 mm
• Stainless steel pins retain the rope when a rigged system is pre-packed

PMI® Paragon Auto-Lock

The ergonomic shape of this auto-locking connector offers a wide gate opening and offers maximum cap…
Key features:
• Works well with munter hitch or clove hitch
• Generous loading surface
• Ergonomic shap
• Auto-locking gat
• Material Aluminum
RB44039 PMI® PVC Gear Pack -Made in USA

PMI® PVC Gear Pack

Rugged PVC Gear Pack is just right for transporting hardware, pre-rigged systems, and other heavy ge…
Key features:
• PVC Material
• Roll down and buckle closure
• Reinforced bottom for extra protection
• 2” webbing backpack straps with adjustable buckles
• Haul loop
• Holds up to 160 m of 10 mm; 120 m of 11 mm; 92 m of 12.5 mm; 75 m of 16 mm rope
RB44062 PMI® Grunt Bucket

PMI® Grunt Bucket

The Grunt is your essential, suspendable assistant for every job at height. This tool bucket bag has…
Key features:
• Easy access to tools
• Clic clac pocket closure system
• Reinforced base
• Rigid carrying handle
• Watertight pocket

PMI® SMC Advance Tech Haul System

The new PMI Advance Tech HX Haul System provides an extremely strong and versatile haul system. Weig…
Key features:
• Pre-rigged system provides either a 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage
• Built-in progress capture system
• Features the SMC Advance Tech HX and Tech Mate pulleys
• Both pulleys made from high quality anodized aluminum
• Kit includes 10 meters of 9mm PMI Classic Professional EZbend rope
• Pulleys can accommodate rope diameters from 7mm to 12.5mm
KT36128 PMI JR Haul System

PMI JR Haul System

The same haul advantage as the Deluxe system, but in a lighter package. The pre rigged 4:1 or 5:1 ha…
Key features:
• 1 SMC JR Pulley and 1 SMC JRB Pulley
• 2 SMC Aluminum Carabiners
• 10 m, 7 mm Tuff Cord
• 1 m, 5 mm Accessory Cord
• One 5 mm Oval Screw Link
• 1 Storage Bag (Blue)
KT36077 PMI Deluxe Haul System

PMI Deluxe Haul System

Compact and strong, this pre-rigged haul system can be rigged as a 4:1 or 5:1; just flip it end to e…
Key features:
• 2 SMC Mini PMP Pulleys
• 2 SMC Lite Steel Carabiners
• 10 m, 9 mm EZ-Bend
• 2 m, 6 mm Accessory Cord
• One 5 mm Oval Screw Link
• 1 Storage Bag (Blue)