SM81702 SMC Mountaineering 8 -blueSM81700 SMC Mountaineering 8 - black

SMC Mountaineering 8

Easy to rig and handle when wearing gloves, this descender has smooth action on belay or rappel. Wor…
Key features:
• Effective for either single or double wrap braking
• Works with 8 mm to 12.5 mm
• Bottom hole can be used as a stitch plate
• High quality aircraft grade 6061 aluminum

SMC Locking D Aluminum NFPA Versions

This carabiner sets the standard in climbing, mountaineering, and rescue applications. Extremely lig…
Key features:
• Modified “D” shape
• Locking screw gate
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel springs and pins
• NFPA 1983 models available

PMI® Paragon Twist-Lock

The ergonomic shape of this aluminum screw gate connector fits nicely in the hand and is easy to ope…
Key features:
• Works well with munter hitch or clove hitch
• Generous loading surface
• Ergonomic shape
• Manually-locking gate
• Material Aluminum
KT36128 PMI JR Haul System

PMI JR Haul System

The same haul advantage as the Deluxe system, but in a lighter package. The pre rigged 4:1 or 5:1 ha…
Key features:
• 1 SMC JR Pulley and 1 SMC JRB Pulley
• 2 SMC Aluminum Carabiners
• 10 m, 7 mm Tuff Cord
• 1 m, 5 mm Accessory Cord
• One 5 mm Oval Screw Link
• 1 Storage Bag (Blue)

Pensafe A333PS KwickLock

This auto-locking carabiner with lightweight offset-D aluminum is ideal for a variety of rigging app…
Key features:
• Ideal for use with munter or clove hitch
• I-Beam construction
• Material Aluminum
• Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
• Double-action gate