With 30 years of boulders, big walls and big mountains under his belt, Pete Takeda is an elite all-around rock, ice and alpine climber. He’s competed in the ESPN Winter X-Games and climbed in Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Peru, Mexico, Australia and Scotland. Takeda is veteran of eleven expeditions to the Indian, Nepal and Karakoram Himalayas. As an all-rounder, Takeda appreciates the quality, range and reliability of PMI ropes.

Takeda is author of three books including National Geographic: Climb! and An Eye At The Top Of The World. He contributes to Outside, Men’s Journal, Elevation Outdoors, Rock & Ice, and Alpinist. Takeda, a long-time Marmot athlete is also sponsored by La Sportiva, Nutriex and Skratch Labs. Takeda is also a screenwriter as an Associate Member of the Writer’s Guild of America.