SK600OR Skedco Flotation System for litter - Orange

SKED® Foam Flotation Package

This self-righting flotation system maintains the Sked® in a nearly vertical position even in rough…
Key features:
• 15 lb foot ballast bag
• Available in Orange or Military Green
• Two rigid foam floats
• Inflatable chest bladder

SKED® Basic Rescue System

A complete solution for confined space, high angle, technical rescue, and traditional land based app…
Key features:
• System includes: Sked® Stretcher, Cordura® backpack/ towing harness, horizontal lift slings, 30 ft PMI vertical lift line, Steel Locking D Carabiner, 6 ft tow strap
• 4 built in handles

PMI® Vari-Rigger

A simple adjustable strap with D-rings on each end. Double around a suitable anchor for a quick rigg…
Key features:
• High strength D-rings on both ends
• Quick, adjustable rigging
• Buckles slip at 22 kN (5000 lbf)
• Adjustable length:..... 24” to 96”

PMI® Tarantula

Adjustable 4 leg webbing litter spider sewn onto a forged O-ring. Litter and carabiners in photo not…
Key features:
• Legs are independently adjustable
• Sewn from heavy duty webbing
• Comes with 4 meter long attendant line & storage bag

PMI® Radium Release Hitch Kit

Radium Release Hitches have been proven to out-perform load release straps time after time. The Radi…
Key features:
• 9 + ft extension • Can’t “fuse” under shock loads
• Integral carabiners • Pre-tied with 8 mm accessory cord for convenience
• Comes in a convenient storage pouch
• Hook and loop fasteners hold carabiners in place for fast deployment
• Instructions to re-tie hitch
RB44049U PMI® Gear Bucket - Made in USA

PMI® Gear Bucket

The PMI® Gear Bucket can hold all of your gear and literally stand up to the test. Plastic reinforc…
Key features:
• Store gloves, pulleys, cord, even snacks in the outside mesh pockets with Velcro closures
• Holds up to 70 m (230 ft) of 11 mm; 46 m (150 ft) of 12.5 mm; or 30 m (100 ft) of 16 mm rope

PMI® Large Steel Rescue 8

The classic descender for ropework, the figure 8 is perhaps the most widely recognized component of …
Key features:
• Accepts single or double wrapping braking
• Works with rope diameters up to 16 mm (5/8”). Bottom hole can be used as a sticht plate
RB44039 PMI® PVC Gear Pack -Made in USA

PMI® PVC Gear Pack

Rugged PVC Gear Pack is just right for transporting hardware, pre-rigged systems, and other heavy ge…
Key features:
• PVC Material
• Roll down and buckle closure
• Reinforced bottom for extra protection
• 2” webbing backpack straps with adjustable buckles
• Haul loop
• Holds up to 160 m of 10 mm; 120 m of 11 mm; 92 m of 12.5 mm; 75 m of 16 mm rope

PMI® CS Tech Full Body Harness

PMI®’s one-piece, full-body harness was designed with the needs of the Confined Space worker in m…
Key features:
• Dorsal, sternal, waist, and shoulder attachment points
• Adjustable dorsal and shoulder rings
• Break-apart buckles on legs and right shoulder
• Ergonomic shoulder straps
• Quick adjusting low profile buckles on waist
• Storage bag included