Whip End Dip

Seal your rope ends to prevent fraying and add a color coding option to your gear with this water ba…
Key features:
• Perfect for color coding multiple ropes
• Available in three colors
• Non toxic
• Easy to apply
• 1 bottle = 64 ends (3 coats each)
SR070OX100E PMI® Tuff Cord - Made in USA

PMI® 7 mm Tuff Cord

A great choice for extreme rigging applications. This durable cord has a lower stretch core and tigh…
Key features:
• 100% nylon
• Higher abrasion resistance than regular accessory cords
• The only cord of its kind on the market
• Tuff cord is used in the JR Haul System
HS125TG183A 12.5 mm PMI® Dura-Shield General Use Rope

12.5 mm PMI® Dura-Shield General Use Rope

A brand new PMI rope, HeatShield™ is an excellent choice for rope access work for anyone needing r…
Key features:
• Sheath - 100% Technora®
• Core - 100% Nylon 6.6
• High modulus of elasticity
• Low creep
• Low thermal shrinkage
• Thermal decomposition threshold 500ºC (932°F)
• Can be used for long periods at a temperature of 250°C (482°F)
TerrAdaptor™ Quick Lash (SM230370)

TerrAdaptor™ Quick Lash

The TerrAdaptor™ QuickLash has been designed to work exclusively on the TerrAdaptor™ grey tube a…
Key features:
• Attach to grey tubes before, during or after setting up TerrAdaptor
• Connection point for single or multi direction tieback
• Can be attached inside of leg and used to tie TerrAdaptor down for stability
• Can be used as attachment point for hanging pulleys or other gear
• Can be attached at the foot connection point
• 30 kN strength when loaded straight along major axis
• 15 kN when strength when pulled to side at 90 degrees