BEAL Aeropark IV Harness


Weight 1 lbs

EN 12277:2015

Leg loops

26-72 CM



A harness that is easy to put on

One size fits all, weighing 400g, the AEROPARK IV harness has been developed specifically for adventure routes. Thanks to its rigid thigh loops, it is easy to put on and adjustable for young and old. The two thigh loops are color coded, but are also connected to make it easy to put the harness on. The straps to adjust the harness are separated to avoid tangling. Lastly, all the waist and thigh adjustment straps have easy to grip tips.

A harness for groups/clubs and adventure routes.

The tie-in point is also reinforced with three self-locking buckles and clamping tabs. A sliding webbing ring on the waistband makes it easy to attach the pulley. This harness also has an individual identification number and a label window for better traceability. There are two gear loops reinforced with double stitching/comfort foam and a wear indicator for the harness.

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