ICAR 2015

ICAR | Video | ICAR 2015 Killarney, Ireland (Part 1), ICAR 2015 Killarney, Ireland (Part 2) and ICAR 2015 Killarney, Ireland (Part 3) from Topograph Media on Vimeo. The International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) met in Killarney, Ireland, between October 7th and 10th, 2015. More than 400 rescuers from 40 countries participated to exchange…

Sharing Search and Rescue Stories

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Presenter: Shaun Roundy | MRA Webinar Series |
Author and university writing instructor Shaun Roundy discusses WHY to tell SAR stories (PSAR, inside training, public service, recruitment, fundraising, etc.), why NOT to, and teaches a dozen crucial writing tips to help your stories come alive and turn out top notch. Shaun Roundy has been a member of Utah County SAR for 16 years, taught university writing for 15, and has published 8 books, including 75 Search and Rescue Stories: an insider’s view of survival, death, and volunteer heroes who tip the balance when things fall apart (available at bit.ly/rescuestories) and The Art & Craft of Writing: the ultimate step-by-step guidebook to the writing process and effective composition (bit.ly/writingguide). He currently chairs the MRA Intermountain Region and Webinar Training Committee.