Hey, rescue heroes! We’re super pumped to unveil a true game-changer in rescue operations – the 12.5 mm PMI® Extreme Plus™ (G) Rope with UNICORE® technology. Trust us, this isn’t your ordinary rope; it’s a groundbreaking leap in rescue gear innovation that you’ve got to see to believe.

Light, Mighty, and Action-Ready

Every detail matters when you’re out in the field, and we’ve dialed in every specification for peak performance:

  • Featherlight Precision: At just 113 g/m, maneuvering this rope is a breeze.
  • Mighty Strength: With an MBS of 46.4kN (10,431 lbf), it’s strong enough to handle the unexpected.
  • Customizable Lengths: Choose from 183 m (600 ft), 46 m (150 ft), 61 m (200 ft), or 92 m (300 ft) – because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to rescues.


Engineered for the Extreme

Our rope’s elasticity is optimized for the toughest jobs:

  • Elongation: 1.3% at 300 lbf, 2.4% at 600 lbf, and 4.6% at 1000 lbf – it stretches to support, not to stress.

Unwavering Trust in Every Fiber

Your safety is our priority. That’s why we adhere to the most stringent standards:

  • Compliance (pending): ANSI Z359.15 (2014), NFPA 12500 (2022), G – because being up-to-code means being up-to-task.

The Power of UNICORE®

Sheath slippage? Not on our watch. The sheath and core of our rope are inseparably bonded, offering unmatched integrity and safety – even if the sheath takes a hit, you can count on the core.

Ease and Dependability in Your Hands

Durable yet supple, our rope promises a handling experience that’s second to none, ensuring you can perform at your best with gear that does the same.

Versatility Meets Reliability

The 12.5 mm PMI® Extreme Plus™ (G) Rope thrives across the board:

  • Tailor-Made for Rescue: Ideal for Fire Rescue, Technical Rescue, Confined Space, and Tower Rescue.
  • Material Mastery: A top-grade Polyester/Nylon blend that’s tough as nails and ready for action.

Get set to redefine the possibilities with our new rescue rope. The 12.5 mm PMI® Extreme Plus™ (G) Rope isn’t just built for the challenge; it’s here to set a new benchmark for what rescue gear should be.

PMI Rope: Exceptional Quality, Uncompromising Performance.