LSP Miller Full-Body Splint

Presenter: Aaron Dover | Product Video | The Miller Board is a versatile spinal immobilization board and litter that comes complete with a full head and body harness. The harness system allows the patient to be rotated for airway management or to facilitate a difficult rescue without jeopardizing spinal alignment. The Miller board is constructed…

SMC Pulleys

Presenter: Aaron Dover | Product Video | SMC 3″ PMP (Double or Single) The unique shape of SMC’s aluminum side plates allow the efficient use of Prusik hitches as a belay or progress capture device. Constructed with a 3” diameter sheave running on a high efficiency ball bearing. Low profile fasteners help eliminate the possibility…

PMI Dynamic™ 8.9mm Erratic

Presenter: Martin Barnett | Product Video | The all new ERRATIC has every feature that you need all wrapped up into one rope for any climbing situation. It is a single rope that is ultra-lightweight with a solid feel and precision control. The ERRATIC utilizes Unicore® technology, resulting in nearly zero sheath slippage, even if…

Cascade Terra Tamer Transport Wheel

Presenter: Aaron Dover | Product Video | The Terra Tamer is an exceptionally light, obstacle crushing all-terrain wheel that fits on any litter using a rapid attachment system. The Terra Tamer uses a durable titanium frame and stainless components. Complete control is made possible by an adjustable brake lever and disc brake system. Key Features:…

PMI® Falcon Helmet

Presenter: Martin Barnett | Product Video | PMI’s Falcon helmet is designed for use at work-at-height and for professional rescue. The helmet is equipped with both a fourpoint suspension system to reduce impact, and also a ventilation system with metal mesh for air circulation and protection from debris. It also features headlamp/goggle retainer clips. The…

My Life on the Line: 40 Years with PMI

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Presenter: Nancy Aulenbach | Webinar |
Join us as we celebrate PMI’s 40th anniversary with the product that started it all – the PMI® Pit Rope. Since this rope was created by cavers for caving, it seems only fitting that our webinar speaker is a caver. With over 44 years of cave exploring under her belt, Nancy Aulenbach has been a fan of PMI from the very start, and is certainly a good judge of rope character! Nancy will be sharing stories of some of her favorite caving adventures around the world, and give us a look back in time when PMI changed the quality of vertical caving forever.

The Latest and Greatest: PMI’s Newest Ropes

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Presenter: Tom Wood | Webinar | 
Here at PMI, we are constantly looking for ways to build the best mousetrap- or in our case, the best rope. To that end, we recently unveiled three new ropes (Extreme Pro, Global Pro and DuraShield) to meet the exacting demands of the folks who trust their lives to our products. Please join Tom Wood, the Training Manager of PMI’s training division ( VRS), for an informative webinar that will take an in-depth look at these three new innovative 11mm kernmantle ropes on Tuesday June 17th at 12 pm Mountain Time.