Cordage Institute Standards

The Cordage Institute is the only organization in the USA dedicated solely to rope manufacturing and raw materials. It is important to note, however, that not all Cordage Institute standards are relevant to Life Safety ropes. For example, CI-1201 – CI-1313 standards are relevant to COMMODITY ropes, and not to LIFE SAFETY ropes. “Resulting in…


NFPA 1983: 2012 Edition

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Presenter: Steve Hudson | Webinar | 
The 2012 edition of NFPA 1983 Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services is out! All manufacturers of these products will soon be required to certify their products to this new version of NFPA 1983. This webinar is a quick review of the major product additions and other changes to the previous edition published in 2006. Steve Hudson has been actively involved with the NFPA Technical Committee responsible for the creation of this and the previous four editions of NFPA 1983.

Every Rescuer Should Know Their ABCDE’s: A Disciplined Approach for Conducting Rope System Safety Checks

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Presenter: Jeremy Metz | Webinar | 
A common practice in rope rescue is to conduct a “safety check” of the rigging in a rope system prior to placing a human load on it. The purpose and value of safety check is well documented in various technical rope rescue textbooks and is even is a job performance requirement in NFPA 1006, Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications. However, these references often only present general guidelines and they do not present a disciplined approach to conducting a safety check. This free PMI® Webinar will present a disciplined approach developed by West Metro Fire Rescue’s (Lakewood, CO) Technical Rescue Team as one way to conduct a system safety check.