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Presenter: Michael Croslin | Webinar | 

This PMI webinar is an update and review of the applications and general guidelines for line capture/Reach device in swiftwater rescue. Presented by Michael Croslin, owner of Crossline Solutions, he will also demonstrate and discuss the development of the Integrated Reach protection system and its expanded performance applications in moving water. This webinar will encourage an open collaborative discussion of the challenges in disseminating and encouraging curriculum updates and training protocols that promote clear and safe guidelines for effective adoption and responsible use of this exciting new approach in swiftwater rescue. Topics will include the new Integrated Reach Belt/Throwbag/Tagline system, The Reach Device, Entrapments, Pins, Sieves, Hydraulics, Catcher Mitt Eddies and new approaches to extrication. Additional topics that will be covered are: developing new downriver protection strategies, establishing cross river lines, stream crossings, gear retrieval and establishing remote connection to wrapped boats in extreme environments and Creeker or extreme kayaker or boater strategies using the Reach system. Specific examples and results of field testing by extreme boaters will also be discussed. Additionally, Michael will relate feedback from many early adopters that have developed new techniques and strategies based on remote connection/line capture. New collaborative ideas will be encouraged and welcomed, specifically, how this new technology is being used worldwide to improve rescuer and boater safety and to speed deployment of rope based systems in the river setting.