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Presenter: Bob Edwards | Webinar | 
This PMI webinar will provide an overview of the efforts of The Norton Search Team as they search for Bryant Alabama’s missing missionary pilot Bob Norton. Bob, his wife Neiba and 5 others went missing in the jungles of Venezuela on Feb 16, 2009 while on an emergency medical flight in a Cessna 182. A team of volunteer pilots, engineers and search technicians have pulled together here in the U.S. to assist with the search effort. Working closely with Venezuela’s Civil Protection and the Indigenous Indians, The Norton Search Team have provided satellite image analysis, containment analysis, flight simulations and is now working with Tennessee Technological University to design and develop a 8′ wingspan RC plane with autonomous flight controls, cameras and sensors. Their plan is to use this plane in an attempt to find the crash site. Additional information can be viewed on their website: .