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Helmets for Work-At-Height

It is understandable why a rescue worker expected to work-at-height would need specific safety gear. Helmets are one of the most important pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to keep a worker safe during activities ...
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How to Choose Gloves for Work At Height

If your occupation involves you to work at height, choosing the right personal protective gear is the top priority to avoid workplace injuries. A key element of personal protective gear is your work gloves. Working at height ...
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Choosing a seat harness

Choosing a seat harness is a very personal decision. It is based on intended use, comfort, fit, and personal preference. A harness should offer appropriate protection while still allowing the wearer a good range of motion. ...
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Choosing a Rope

Types of Ropes Static and low stretch ropes are designed for radically different uses than dynamic ropes and therefore have significantly different properties. Static and low stretch ropes are designed for rappelling, ascending, lowering, and ...
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